About the author

The story of The Piggery was conceived whilst I was living in Spain. We sold sweeties on market stalls to expats, mostly, but to other nationalities too. The sweets were imported from wholesalers in the UK. We also sold Spanish sweets, nuts and crisps. Easter time and Christmas saw a change in our stocks as we provided for the festive seasons. 

It was an enjoyable time in my life. The marketers’ life is one full of early mornings, physical work, moans and groans, cups of tea, but above all a wonderful sense of belonging to a community of people all in the same boat - waiting for the customers to appear and spend their money! 

The stall holders could start the day with five layers of clothing on. The winter mornings in Spain are bitterly cold. By lunch time one may be stood in a tee-shirt or at least a thin sweater. 

 Of course, during the summer months we were unable to sell the sweets on the market as it was too hot for them. They would just stick together. Besides, most people would prefer an ice-cream or a cold beer. Therefore, during July and August we helped our neighbours with their business and cleaned holiday apartments ready for the next plane full of holiday makers. 

Some of our markets were quiet, especially early in the day. After setting up the stall and having a chat with the stall holders around, there was plenty of time to think. I started jotting down notes in an exercise book. The Piggery was conceived. The concept of the story took shape over a few years. Most of that time was purely thinking. 

On my return to the UK I started typing the story. I felt captivated and relished the time I could sit down with my laptop. It was a little hobby, not taken seriously, by no means. Then I met a lady, quite by chance, who had written books and helped others to do the same. She read the first few chapters of The Piggery and said, ‘Yes, I think it will sell.’ The vote of confidence gave me a boost, spurring me on and with this lady’s guidance, to complete the story and get it into print. 

I cannot tell you how it feels. I just know I am proud of it. I love the story and all the characters. I hope you enjoy it too. In addition, I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of publishing the book, albeit sometimes it was confusing and frustrating, like learning a new language.